IT4 - Imaging through Jitter, Shimmer, Contrast and Noise

MRL and Amber Optix Ltd joint Image Processing for Surveillance, Defence and Security 
Image Stabalisation


The first of the four enabling technologies, Image Stabilisation can be seen here in the extreme case of a rapidly-moving camera – simulating a helmet-mounted camera.

Turbulance or Shimmer 


The second technology is to correct for shimmer, or atmospheric turbulence. The clip here demonstrates several features of the s/w including the ability to take account of scene motion in the image. The parameters for this can be set manually or they can be adjusted automatically by a built-in scene motion analyser. Both can be seen demonstrated in the clip.

Contrast Enhancement


Contrast can be enhanced within a region of interest as shown here to reveal, in this case, that the car is in fact occupied.