MRL are proud to be the UK agent for PHOTONIS Night Vision. PHOTONIS is the world leader in the design and manufacturing of state-of-the-art image intensifier tubes for military, space and commercial applications. Night vision has become a key opto-electronic technology in modern warfare as more and more combat takes place by night. PHOTONIS Night Vision products are in use in all NATO countries and are largely deployed worldwide.

INTENS™ Multi-mission Night Vision


The INTENS™ Revolution allows the collection of photons over an extended spectrum being almost twice that of existing technologies, improving the detection, recognition and identification range by 40%. Covering the spectrum well into the UV (below 400nm) and into the red spectrum (up and above 1000nm), INTENS™ offers the highest versatility of use in all types of terrain (coastal, desert, mountain scenes, etc which are richer in Blue spectrum as well as forest, jungle and moonless nights which benefit from the Red Spectrum). These features of extended bandwidth are unique to the INTENS™ tubes.


See PHOTONIS INTENS site for more details.

XR5, XD-4 and ONYX


The XR5 and XD-4 range of tubes are battle proven in the most challanging of environments. The performance improvement provided by the auto-gating power supplies technical experience of PHOTONIS provides a reliable, high performance solution to most night vision requirements.


ONYX is the optional black and white tube of PHOTONIS. Studies show that nighttime scenes appear more natural in black and white versus the usual green. PHOTONIS offers black and white night vision for those who want to have a more natural vision at night. B&W provides clearer information about the contrast, shapes and shadows.

ONYX is available as an option on XD-4 and XR5.



The auto-gating (ATG) function was designed to improve the Bright Source Protection feature to be faster and to keep the best resolution and contrast at all times. It is particularly suitable for aviators' night vision goggles, operations in urban areas or for special operations. ATG is a unique feature that operates constantly, electronically reducing the duty cycle of the photocathode voltage by very rapidly switching the voltage on and off. This maintains the optimum performance of the tube, continuously revealing mission critical details, safeguarding the tube from additional damage and protecting the user from temporary blindness.